Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A friendly kitchen

Kitchen with a warm heart.
I'm usually drawn to more contemporary kitchens, but i just love the warmth of this kitchen.
I think it looks very "friendly".  I'd love to plan a brunch here.


  1. I like the pots that are hanging from above!

  2. As much as i like the pots hanging, i can just picture you standing there using them as hanging drums!

  3. Contemporary might be clean and sleek, but this is my sort of kitchen. Warm, inviting and lived in, although I am not sure it has enough counter space or cabinets (I like some of my kitchen items behind closed door). Also, if I was planning a perfect kitchen, I would make sure my next one has an island,

    1. I agree... this is such a great kitchen. I have a feeling the sink and counters are across from what we're looking at. I built my kitchen from scratch 2.5 years ago and, although i thought i knew what i wanted, i would definitely do things a little different today.