Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy birthday blog... you are now 3!!!

Time flies...

I was preparing my next post, when i realized that this month is 3 years since i started this silly little blog.  Yes, the time has really flown by. 

I've enjoyed sharing my recipes and cooking experiences, but i've also enjoyed finding some absolutely amazing and inspiring kitchens.  One question... why did i re-do my kitchen 3 years ago before the advent of pinterest?  I enjoy my kitchen, but i must say i've discovered so many possibilities that books and magazines never showed me.  Perhaps i'm supposed to keep searching so that one day, when i have a real kitchen -- a kitchen with a window, a gas stove, and room for a sous-chef -- i can open my pinterest file and say "now THIS is the kitchen i want!"

So here's my latest dream kitchen.  I'd love to know if part of the roof opens.  Oh no.  I hope this isn't a kitchen from a movie set. 

Sweet dreams until i post tomorrow's sweet 4th of July treat.

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