Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchens for an Ivory Tower

I'm hoping to get back to cooking very soon, so i need to share more of my collection of spectacular kitchens.

I'm generally a monochromatic person -- i like a vase of flowers with all the same kind and color.  Or when i wear black, i might accent it with white or ivory, and when i wear white or ivory, i accent it with... yes, you guessed correctly... black!  Ok, i do incorporate brown on occasion.

If this were my kitchen, i would have a vase of magenta colored flowers on the island...
I want to see the rest of this house!

I'd like to wake up to this kitchen on a gorgeous spring morning, or winter or summer or fall would also be fine with me.
I love these exposed beams.

And then, dine al fresco, of course...
No, this isn't my patio.  It's a private patio from the Amanjena Resort in Morocco. 
Think, Sex and The City II.

Stay tuned for more kitchens... soon!

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